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Our Recruitment and staffing department provides the overall framework for the process of planning, recruiting, selecting, and hiring employees. The goal of recruitment and staffing is to identify the smartest, most versatile employees you can find. Retention of your best employees starts with your effective recruitment and staffing process, strategies, policies and procedures.

Services rendered:

    1. Advertisement for placements:

Advertising in all forms of media to be able to catch the attention of the right staff need by our clients.

    1. Sorting/Short listing of applicants:

We create a formal appraisal system for all applicants which is used to sort and shortlist. Everything is documented, specifically, system used to derive the final candidates We believe that without written records, the fairness and relevance of our evaluation may come into question.

    1. Conducting of Tests (Aptitude and Professional):

We conduct a high level Aptitude and Professional evaluation for candidates to test various ability. It offers our clients and the prospective employees a chance to review the quality of their knowledge, to highlight their strength areas in other to select the best candidates for any advertised job.

    1. Interviewing of candidates:

Our team of interviewers cuts across various professional from different field this includes psychologists.

    1. Employee Selections
    2. Background Checks and Medicals checks.
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