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Outsourcing of Accounting Staff/Book keeping services


We are a true outsourcing Accounting service company providing the best accounting and bookkeeping expertise. We believe that even routine accounting and bookkeeping functions deserve special treatment. We aim to reduce the burden of non-core accounting functions by outsourcing them in an efficient and profitable manner. By doing so, we seek to enhance the business performance of our clients.

Services rendered:

    1. Seconding of our staff to client office to handle all accounting duties. (varied level of staff as requested by client):

We deploy specialized experts who know well how to protect a business
and maintain a high level of administrative control at the Accounting Department; they assess the personnel, provide updates on current legislative and accounting developments, control Accounting Department activities and supervise compliance with all laws and accounting standards .They also undertake to manage all company affairs vis-à-vis government and Social Insurance entities Our team of experienced employees will help you reconstruct and clean up the accounts and tax records, or reconstruct individual accounts agendas or the entire accounts.

    1. Onsite data processing and monthly reports generation
    2. Offsite data processing and monthly reports generation (data pickup):

SASL offer services that are tailored to your business strategies. A lot of clients outsource all support services including accounts to professional firms. This help reduce cost and other administrative bottleneck. ONSITE DATA PROCESSING AND REPORTING is when our staff visits the client’s site at agreed periods to carry out bookkeeping functions while   OFFSITE DATA PROCESSING AND REPORTING is when all information are pass to our office where we would carry out all your book keeping functions.

    1. Supervision of account’s department by our senior consultants: 
    2. It is generally accepted that a firm's Accounting Department and Financial Services play a crucial role in the business's economic development and smooth operation, particularly in a country where laws are ambiguous and constantly changing without notice, where the simplest accounting or tax omission may be decisive, sometimes threatening the very existence of the company concerned. • SASL provides our clients with account department supervision services, these services are designed to oversee that a high level of administrative control are in place at the Accounting Department, also oversee preparation of report, guild through audit processes etc.