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Accounting Software Consulting


We provide full software implementation services needed for the successful installation of all the products we sell. From our accounting applications to the staff training on the software our, we promise our services will make your implementation a success. We also work very hard at managing your implementation to make sure your project stays on time and under budget.

Services rendered:

o Thorough Systems and human recourses review and recommendation of recourses optimization:

Conducting employee reviews is a task that many business owners and managers dread, especially if they have yet to develop a sound system for conducting those reviews. However, SASL will help your firm to build a practical and well-designed employee review system which is a vital element to attract, retain, and encourage top talent in this competitive marketplace. SASL will not deplore a software without carrying out a comprehensive systems review, this will help make informed choice of software and efficient hardware for our clients.

o Recommendation and purchase of adequate Accounting software for our clients: Accounting software can not only help you reduce human errors in your calculations, and also help you gain insights into your business that you couldn't see in paper form -- such as generating sales forecasts for the next quarter, determining which items are overstocked, and pinpointing your least profitable service. When it comes to managing your customers, employees, billing and inventory, every minute detail counts. Accounting software can easily help you manage your company to the quarter penny .we recommend accounting software that is simple to understand; intuitive, and has simple data entry our recommendation are tailored to your requirements which also puts in view the expansion or your company.

o Installation, setup/customization, forms design and network configuration of software for client:

Setting up your software is more important an buying it. SASL will install your software either on a standalone/single user bases or whatever network environment: peer to peer or client server. Customization of functionality forms design is one of the things we pride in because this is one of the services that have made clients endeared to us.

We also help with data conversion into a newly deplored software; your transactions are entered into the software program we then automates many routine tasks. From start to finish, our goal is to offer your company a complete solution to your accounting needs. Accounting can be much more than a source of overhead. SASL can help you improve efficiency with accounting software tailored to your needs. By far the most popular method is software. There are dozens of accounting software packages and most of them will help you maintain your books as well as automate things like payroll and reports.

o Technical support: call outs supports or periodic support agreements:

SASL is the business of providing the best and most complete service to our clients. From the moment we meet you, we want to help make your business successful, and we never lose sight of that goal. This attitude is carried on to our accounting software, where we’ll stick by your side whenever you need us. We offer call out service or sign a periodic technical support/maintenance agreement. The is to help clients that do not have or those that even internal IT department make sure that their accounting software runs on their computer/network resources with hitches. Without such services clients have abandoned expensively purchased softwares or have regular downtime using them.